For which areas is fat injection suitable?

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Published at 17 January 2024

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What areas is the fat injected into?

Below, we review some of the areas that are commonly used for fat injection:

Breast: Fat injection can help increase breast volume and improve and repair if the shape is unacceptable. One of the main advantages of breast fat injection is the increase in breast volume.
Face: Fat injection is used as a method to rejuvenate the face. By injecting fat into areas such as the cheeks, mouth and under the chin, it is possible to change the shape of the face and reduce facial wrinkles.
Areas of skin problems: fat injection can be used to fill deep lines and wrinkles, plump up sagging skin, and fill in thin and invisible areas of the skin. Fat injection is used as a treatment method in the field of skin problems.
Hips: Fat injection can increase the volume of the hips and improve its shape and proportion. Buttock fat injection is a well-known cosmetic surgery procedure to increase volume and improve the shape of the buttock. This procedure is commonly known as “move your own adipose tissue” or “inject your own adipose tissue”.
Lip: injecting fat into the lips can increase the volume and fullness of the lips and make them younger and more attractive. This method is usually used to create fuller lips and a smile. Lip fat injection is a common procedure in cosmetic surgery that is used to increase the volume and shape of the lips. This method can help with thin, full, uneven or aged looking lips. Before performing any type of cosmetic surgery, consultation with a specialist doctor is essential.
Under eye area: fat injection to the under eye area can reduce wrinkles under the eyes and improve the general appearance of this area.
Retinal apparatus: In some cases, fat is injected into the retinal apparatus to increase its volume and thickness and reduce problems such as opacity.

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