How many times can hyphotherapy be done?

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Published at 17 January 2024

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Increasing age followed by wrinkling and sagging of the skin, especially the skin of the face, is an inevitable event that occurs with the passage of time. But there are ways to solve this problem, one of them is facial hypotherapy. By focusing ultrasound energy on the face, this method stimulates tissue rejuvenation and collagen production and is a suitable alternative to face lift surgery. In this article, we want to talk about how many times hyphotherapy can be done?

How many times can you do Haifu?

In answer to the question of how many times you can do Haifu, it should be said that every beauty procedure, including Haifu therapy, because of its good and pleasant results, makes a person who wants to be beautiful want to do it again and again, so the first question that comes from The question is how many times HIFU therapy can be done. It is good to know that performing this treatment method multiple times during a year will not have high desired results and usually the number of facial and body hypotherapy sessions throughout the year have been announced once. This treatment stimulates the skin layers to produce collagen.

Successfully performing a good hyphotherapy requires at least 3 months to pass so that the skin has a proper time for recovery and the full result of the hyphotherapy is determined. Therefore, after performing a hyphotherapy phase, first give your skin time to recover and show the main change, and then, if you wish to extend hyphotherapy before one year has passed, be sure to consult your specialist doctor about this because your specialist doctor may not be aware of it. Depending on your skin conditions, such as having a lot of sagging skin, suggest that you do this treatment twice a year with an interval of 6 months.

Complications of repeating hypotherapy

Applicants for HIFU are aware of the benefits of facial hyphotherapy, for them the issue of repeated hyphotherapy complications is also very important, it may be necessary to extend the sessions. Applicants should know that hyphotherapy is a non-invasive treatment that focuses ultrasound waves on layers of the skin. The concentration of ultrasound waves causes the temperature of the desired layer to increase rapidly. You might think that this should be harmful to the skin, but it is not. When the temperature reaches the cells of this layer, it stimulates proteins called collagen, and in this way collagenization and skin rejuvenation are done.
You need 3 months for all these steps, and until then, when you still don’t notice the desired result and you haven’t given the skin enough time, you should know that doing hyphotherapy again can be problematic and cause the subcutaneous cells to be completely destroyed and the skin to heal. and no recovery.

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