The cause of lip bruising after gel injection

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Published at 17 January 2024

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Lip gel injection is a process that improves the volume and shape of the lips by using filling materials (gel or filler). This process is usually performed by experienced cosmetic surgeons. However, after the injection, many people experience bruising and bleeding at the injection site. This problem is usually temporary and will improve naturally after a few days.

Among the main causes of lip bruising after gel injection, we can mention: the formation of blood clots, the draining of blood from small and narrow vessels, or even damage to blood vessels. Injecting lip gel into a sensitive area of the face may irritate blood vessels, which indirectly causes bleeding and bruising.

Some people may be highly sensitive to these reactions based on their physiological characteristics and have more problems. In addition, the use of low-quality fillers or incorrect injection techniques can also add to the side effects.

If the dead blood is excessive or continues for a long time or is accompanied by other abnormal symptoms, the importance of seeing a doctor increases. Through careful evaluation and experience, a specialist doctor can diagnose the exact causes of dead blood and provide the necessary guidance to treat and reduce these complications.

The following factors cause lip bruising after gel injection
Improper injection: If the gel injection is not done correctly, it may cause bruising in the injection area.
Over-injection: Over-injection of gel is also one of the possible causes of bruising. The right amount of gel should be taken according to the individual’s needs to prevent side effects such as bruising.
Trauma: If the lip area is traumatized after injecting the gel, this can also cause bruising.
Other factors: Some other factors such as: bleeding, inflammation and other skin problems can play a role and cause bruised lips.
Bruising due to damage to the delicate capillaries: If the delicate capillaries of the lip area are damaged during the injection, it may cause bruising.

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