How to glue the nose after surgery

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Published at 17 January 2024

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We all know that after nose surgery, in many cases, it is recommended that patients apply nose tape. In fact, it is necessary to do nose gluing because nose gluing connects the skin to the surface of the underlying bone and cartilage so that the final shape of the nose can be achieved in the best possible way.

This action makes the skin fit directly with the underlying structures and get the right size. In addition, nose taping helps to reduce skin volume after surgery. By doing this, the skin will be properly coordinated with the underlying tissue and the end result will lead to a more beautiful and harmonious skin with your nose. This step is an important part of the healing process after nose surgery and plays an important role in achieving the desired shape and appearance.

These explanations are only a part of the importance of nose taping. Stay with us because we are going to tell you important details about nose taping.

Nose taping after surgery is done with the aim of reducing and controlling the swelling of this organ. Swelling after surgery is one of the natural phenomena that can be controlled and alleviated by using tapes and drugs, and this helps to speed up the patient’s recovery process.

On the other hand; Nasal taping causes the outer surface of the nose to be covered to prevent the opening of the skin and soft tissue of the nose. These measures prevent post-operative problems, such as; Bleeding, inflammation and infection, it helps a lot.

It should be noted that the structure of the nasal cartilage changes as a result of surgery and any pressure or impact may affect it. For this reason, taping the nose not only helps to adapt to the new shape of the nose, but also prevents the possibility of creating new wounds.

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