How to sleep after nose job

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Published at 17 January 2024

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Rhinoplasty is one of the surgeries that require special care and attention after it is performed. One of the important aspects of this care is how to sleep after nose surgery. Sleeping properly in the initial period after surgery can have a great impact on the healing process and the final result.

After the operation, the nose will be in the period of reconstruction and recovery. Sleeping in the correct and appropriate way reduces the pressure and tensions created on this organ. This action not only helps to improve earlier and better results, but also prevents the creation of new problems. In the following, we will review the methods and tips that you should keep in mind when sleeping after a nose job.

Why is it important to sleep after nose surgery?

Why is it important to sleep after nose surgery? During the sleep process, the blood flow to the tissues and muscles of the body increases, and as a result, the blood flow reaches these areas with better quality. This results in adequate oxygen and nutrient supply for faster recovery and a shorter recovery period. Therefore, after nose surgery, doctors recommend that you sleep and rest enough and regularly so that the healing process or the recovery period can proceed in the best way.

In order to avoid possible injuries while sleeping during the recovery period, such as: rolling over or hitting your face on the pillow, you should consider some tips on how to sleep after nose surgery. During this period, the body does more activity and effort to repair wounds and form nasal cartilage.

Therefore, make sure that the way you sleep does not harm the area. Also, paying attention to proper positioning of the head while sleeping and using auxiliary devices such as extra soft and comfortable pillows can be very effective in preventing the occurrence of sleep-related problems during the recovery period.

Pay attention to the fact that sleeping in the right position after nose surgery not only helps to improve the recovery process more quickly and effectively, but also helps to reduce pain and swelling of the nose. In addition to these items; Correct implementation of the way to sleep after nose surgery also helps to prevent the possibility of weakening your immune system

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